Show Equipment

I have been asked to list all of my show items that I personally use. Check back often because this page is incomplete and is still being updated.

I Use the awesome EV RE Microphone Handheld, just can't beat it for build and quality
Electro-Voice RE2-N7 Microphone Wireless Handheld System, HTU2D767A Transmitter, ND767 Cardioid


This little device is awesome not only away from the stage but on stage too. Capture a Selfie and what your hypnotized volunteers are doing behind you (Inspired by Wayne Lee)

The Best Selfie Stick


First person Perspective. I love to film the whites of their eyes and the best way to do it is with Video Glasses. They give you clear lens and sunglasses both in the same pack. Use the clear lenses for your show indoors and dark tint for outside festivals. The picture is amazing and if you want to see how good it is watch the video below shot with these glasses. By the way this is my third brand and by far the best. there are lots of brands in this space and the other two I used broke and got returned. Coleman have the most solid and reliable