Licensed Hypnotherapy CDS

License Agreement for Hypnotherapy CDs

You now have the chance to obtain instant products you can sell right away over and over again. This license agreement package gives you six awesome titles which will be sent to you via email download instantly as MP3

You may record an intro before the main hypnosis or just burn what you get straight to disc for immediate selling opportunities. The CDs have the induction followed immediately by the session and no emerge. This is ideal so that customers of yours can listen and then get a good nights sleep afterwards.

People don't care whose voice they are listening to, they only care about results.

The CDs have been sold by me since 2008 with zero complaints, they work and are very effective with awesome results.

As the owner of the license you can create your own disc labels and covers and sell them for whatever price you choose

The CDs are

Weight Loss
Stop Smoking
Think Positive

They are all close to one hour in duration and recorded with excellent quality and detail. They can be yours instantly by simply paying $300.00 here at this link CLICK HERE

The cost is $300.00 out the door and after only a few sales you will get your money back and be in profit time and time again. Get the product sales churning now and save all the time and effort producing six Hypnosis CDS
Wholesale Hypnotherapy CDs