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Three ways to rank and get work from Google. (Two of them are free!)

As a freelance performer one of the best ways you can increase the amount of work you do and the fees you charge is to promote your act through Google. In this article I am going to share three ways of doing this as efficiently and effectively as possible. To do this you will need a website and a YouTube promo video. For the sake of this article I will assume you have both, but if you don’t make sure you check out the links at the bottom of this page for some advice on how to get started.

Promoting your site in the organic Google rankings. Known as search engine optimization (aka SEO)

Of all the ways of selling your act online this is the most effective and most efficient. Every time Google provides search result it shows ten “organic” rankings. These are the main body of the search results (not the paid ads) and get the most clicks. If we take an example to show how this can work – John is a stage hypnotist based in NYC but working throughout the state and country if required. John could optimize his website for search terms such as:

  • Stage hypnotists in NYC
  • Stage hypnotists in New York State
  • Stage hypnotists for hire
  • Stage hypnotist

These are all fairly obvious terms to target but some other good ones to rank for would be:

  • Unique event entertainment ideas in NYC.
  • Corporate entertainers and entertainment ideas.

You can rest assured if John got his website performing well in Google for any of these search terms, he would get a lot of extra traffic coming to his site. If his site looks good and he has good photos and videos the chances are John will get a lot more work from this. If you think of your own website ranking for similar terms (obviously more suited to your own act and area of performance), I'm sure you will see the huge potential for more bookings and increased fees.

As well as increasing your earning potential, SEO can also (as seen above) be used to help you pick and choose the areas you work in and the type of events you work at. So now the big question is how do you get your site to rank in Google for your chosen search terms? It’s a big question (I’ve put links at the bottom of this page that will help you with this), but in a nutshell:

  1. Decide what keywords you want to rank for (known as keyword research).
  2. Make sure these terms appear on the text on your website (known as on-site SEO).
  3. Get links to your site from other websites. Google sees these as recommendations and this pushes your site up the rankings.

This process takes a while to do but believe me it’s worth it. Having your site at the top of Google for a decent search term is phenomenally powerful and effective way of generating work. My advice is not to hesitate but to start on this immediately after reading this article. You wont regret it!

Paid Google Advertising AKA Pay Per Click (PPC) AKA Google Adwords.

PPC advertising on Google is a little more tricky and it costs money BUT it’s instant, very controllable and can be turned on or off as required. You can use PPC on it’s own, you can use it until your SEO campaigns start to take hold or alongside your SEO for maximum chances of getting more work (I do both and that why I'm one of the busiest fire jugglers in the UK). How it is done? I won’t go into detail as Google provides excellent help on this but in basic steps:

  1. Create a Google Adwords account.
  2. Decide what keywords you want to target.
  3. Create ads and campaigns for each keyword.
  4. Set your maximum daily spend.
  5. Start the campaigns running.
  6. Watch the results using the data Google provides.
  7. Tweak your campaigns over time to improve their effectiveness.

Ok, I know for some of you this all might sound a bit to much, but trust me, its not that difficult. Once you figure it out you have a cost effective, ready-made resource that you can turn on or off that will generate highly targeted work inquiries, what could be better than that?

YouTube video optimization – Promote your video in YouTube and Google

YouTube is the least powerful of the three techniques. But it’s free, very easy to do and definitely has the potential to get you work so its well worth doing. It’s worth remembering that optimizing your YouTube videos means two things:

  1. They will appear for your targeted keywords in the YouTube search engine (one of the most searched places on the web).
  1. They can also appear in the main Google results as video results alongside the ten organic website results

Clearly if you put the time into getting this right it has great potential to get you more exposure and work. At the bottom of this page is a link to a blog post I wrote specifically on this subject but the basics are:

  1. Decide what terms you want to rank for.
  1. Put these terms in the title, description and tags of your video.
  1. Get as many views as possible. Do this by sharing your video on Facebook, tweeting it, emailing it to friends etc.
  1. Get links to the video from blogs, websites, social bookmarking sites and anywhere else you can think of.

The big trick with this is to get as many views and as many links as you possibly can. Once the video starts to rank you will start getting views automatically and this will help it rank even higher. For more information on how to sell your act using Google and lots of other powerful methods make sure you check out these links:

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