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Why Internet Marketing is Essential for Freelance Entertainers


Over the past five years the significance of internet marketing as a way for performers to generate work has grown immensely. Cheap/free website platforms such as WordPress, plus amazing resources like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have all created massive opportunities for solo performers or small troupes to sell their acts direct to clients on a scale never possible before.

Whilst this is great news, it is vital that you don’t get left behind. If you don’t have a well designed website promoted in Google and on social media sites (Facebook, etc) the chances are you will get over taken and potentially completely overwhelmed by your competition.

This might sound a bit over the top but if you read on I think you’ll agree that the internet is fast becoming the most essential platform for selling any act.

Where do you buy stuff?


I don’t know about you but when I want to buy something the first place I go to is Google. I search around until I find a few sites I like and then I start comparing prices, customer service, product quality, etc.

If your site isn’t performing well in Google then it should be! Imagine if your website was number one for a search term like “Stage hypnotists for hire” or “Comedy hypnotists in New York” (or wherever it is you want to work). Your phone wouldn’t stop ringing and the diary would be full. Here’s that bad news, if your site isn’t doing well in Google, guess what? All that work is going to your competition.


Cutting out the middle men.

One of the awesome things about the internet is that creates a level playing field. Anyone can, with a bit of work and investment get potential buyers to their website. So you as a freelance performer can generate bookings direct from your customer, cutting out one or maybe even two middle-men and their fees! This of course means you can either charge more for your services or undercut the competition and get lots more bookings.

The ease of distributing publicity material.

Promoting your act using YouTube, Facebook, Google and other sites has never been as easy. Long gone are the days of sending out publicity packs in the post! Your customers can see the quality of your act in an instant, as long as your publicity material is up to scratch this is a very good thing.

Google has a monopoly and you need to grab your share of it.

Approximately 70-80% of web searches go through Google. This is an insane amount of traffic and if you want to move with times and get a steady stream of work for the foreseeable future it is essential you get your fair share.

To make the most of Google you need a well designed, fully functioning website, you then need to promote it either using paid ads or by getting it to perform in the organic search rankings (the ten main results on each page).


Highly targeted and very powerful.

One of the great things about internet marketing is how specific you can be. You can target certain times of the year, certain geographical locations or certain types of client/event. The beauty of it is the more specific you are the easy it is to do. For example ranking for “Stage hypnotists for hire in Washington DC” would be much, much easier and cheaper than “Stage hypnotists”.

Don’t underestimate the significance and power of this. Never before have smaller companies had so much immense potential marketing power on their side!

Interact with your audiences like never before.


Facebook, Twitter and YouTube allow you to talk directly to your audience. Often the people who watch your shows will have no direct communication with you before or after the show.

But now, if you box clever, you can keep in touch using social media. This means they always know where to find you and the chances of you getting more bookings goes up dramatically. The best way to think of social media is like good old-fashioned word of mouth marketing. Do a good show, connect with your audiences and let them do the rest!


Your competition is already doing it!


Whatever your act and whatever area you work in, you can bet your bottom dollar if you do some searching on Google you will find your competition is ranking for keywords that could and should be getting you work instead. It’s your call, do you miss out on all that extra work, or do you grab the bull by the horns and aim to dominate your niche in Google?

Where would you build a coffee shop?


If you were going to build a coffee shop you would put it in a place with lots of footfall and where there was a demand for coffee! If you build a website and get it to perform well in Google for search terms in your niche its just like the coffee shop. People will come by looking to book an act like yours!

This means that as long as you maintain your rankings you will have a constant stream of people visiting your website, making enquiries and booking your act. Best of all once you get to the top of the organic rankings, its 100% free!



Its only going to keep growing.


If the internet plays a significant role in the booking of acts today, one thing is for sure, this is only going to increase. Millions more web-users go online each day. International clients are now online more and more looking for high quality acts at the best possible prices. With smart phones and iPads growing in popularity, this trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

If you are already doing some internet marketing for your act, the chances are you need to do some more. If you aren’t doing much at all I really hope this article has convinced you to do so.

If you are a beginner at all this don’t worry, you can take it step by step and its not as hard as it sounds.

If you already have some internet experience great, the next level of success awaits.

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