Master Class

Hypnotist Entertainment
Marketing Ninja Retreat 
February 2017 Dates To Be Announced
Las Vegas, NV
Ideal for Clinical and Stage Hypnotists
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This is the ultimate Master Class a Six Figure income is made from in the Hypnosis Industry. This is the class where you learn how to book yourself events that will make you a FORTUNE. This is a "One of a Kind" standalone Class not to be missed if you desire the following:

  • Earning over $100,000 a Year
  • Making Hypnosis your full time career
  • Giving up any regular JOB immediately
  • Make money 24/7 we teach you how!
  • Traveling the World if you desire through Hypnosis
  • Booking more events than you can handle
  • Gaining Fame and Notoriety
  • Being on top of your game
  • Working during the day as well as evenings
  • Becoming that top 5% of Successful Rich Hypnotists
  • Creating a Tour where everyday you get paid
  • Richard Barker may provide you with show bookings and agency work

To be a Successful Hypnotist you must understand the Business aspects of it. You must be able to emulate those who are already successful. Many people learn Hypnosis and then become broke or flat out poor. They go on several courses and STILL they only slightly increase their net worth. Many Hypnotists become frustrated and angry or upset that some Hypnotists are earning a Six Figure Income while they are not. Perhaps this is you, just maybe you are not understanding the Wealth of Opportunity at your feet. This Master Class will not teach you "Hypnosis" you need to already know that; it will teach you "How to make a great income with Hypnosis"

The kind of information you will receive from this two day intensive class will "Make your career sizzle" it will place you on top of your game. Sure you have been on training to learn how to become a hypnotist but they certainly never taught you what you will learn on this Master Class. This is the "SECRET" the actual and physically booking of events that you will receive. This information you gain will be worth to you over a Million Dollars of revenue in under 5 years-just apply these closely guarded principles!

Richard Barker will share with you the absolute secrets to how he performs 47 shows in 12 days at a rate of $1500.00 per day. He will share with you how to book one hour shows worth between $2500.00- $3500.00 just for an hours work over and over again. He will share with you Residual income and the power of leverage and how to charge $250.00 per clinical session 8 times a day giving you an income of  $14,000 a week. This class is about MONEY and increasing your BANK BALANCE. It is a Program dedicated to using your Hypnosis knowledge you already have and becoming Successful and Wealthy. The demand has never been higher in the World for Hypnosis no matter where you come from.


So what is the criteria and who will be accepted on this program?

  • You must have Some basic Experience and Knowledge
  • You must want Success and Money
  • You must be able to Invest in your future

This Class will be for an elite club of individuals who understand what they want out of life and have the desire to be a regular working Hypnotist.

The Secrets and advice you learn from this class are not "Fluff" it is the knowledge that has been held back from you that only the top 5% of Hypnotists in the World understand.

You will learn EVERYTHING it takes to be Booked Solid!!

Subjects to be covered (Some are withheld from this Public page until the class)

  • Earning Residual and Passive Streams of Income
  • Cracking the College Market and Booking $2500.00 Events
  • Cracking the Fair and Festival Market
  • Booking High end Corporate work
  • Key note Speaking and becoming a Presenter
  • Booking yourself solid with Hypnotherapy Clients
  • Selling Product lines 24/7
  • Becoming an MC and regular Host
  • Making a boat load of money at Fundraisers
  • Demonstrating Hypnosis for Cash
  • Street Hypnosis for Cash
  • Running your Business daily tasks
  • Promoting yourself Correctly
  • Attracting Agents and Talent Scouts
  • Booking Events around the World
  • Becoming a Cash Magnet Everyday
  • Understanding Edutainment
  • Building Tours and Followers
  • Internet Sales and Marketing

So much more will be included in this packed two day class so register early

This Business Master Class is ideal for the fully trained Hypnotist that wants to improve their game and increase your income. Do not miss this opportunity of being mentored by one of America's Busiest hypnotist's Richard Barker. Usually for a one day Mentoring program he charges $1200.00 per day per person.

Richard BarkerRichard Barker usually performs over 500 shows a year. He works for Carnival Cruise Lines as well as Fairgrounds across the Country. He has more shows and speaking engagements currently than any Hypnotist in America. Richard Barker earns over $600,000 a year and will share you the secrets of obtaining your first $100,000 and how to increase this to a Million Dollars in less than five years. Richard Barker is considered by many as the person to go to when speaking about the "Business of Hypnosis" Richard makes no secret that his priority is earning a significant income so that he can live the dream. Hypnosis is his vehicle and it can be yours too. Miss this and spend years trying to learn the "Secret" to unlimited wealth by using Hypnosis. Richard Barker owns 12 websites and dozens of business ventures and will teach you the funnel effect so on days off you still earn the revenue you deserve.

Join the small elite team of "Business Mastery Hypnotists" now
Limited spaces and first come first served

Numbers will be appropriately capped for integrity
NO VIDEO OR AUDIO Recordings whatsoever during this class
No B.S just the facts and the truth many classes fail you on.

The intelligent use of Knowledge is power



HypnoThoughts Live is doing things a little differently than the other conferences, and we think you’ll agree it provides a better value and experience for everyone involved. HypnoThoughts Live isn’t just going to be the most affordable and value packed conference available, it’s going to be the most straightforward. We are taking the confusion out and making it easier for you to understand what you get when you pay. When you register for the conference, you get the whole conference, not just the one hour intro classes. We are going to have hundreds of hours of classes for you and we won’t let money be a limiting factor on learning.

We aren’t content just educating you, so we feed you for free too. 5 of your meals are included in your conference registration so that you can listen to a great lecturer at each meal. From brunch to banquet, we’ve got you covered

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