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We have "Live training Classes as well as a complete 10 DVD box set available on Amazon to teach you how to become a Comedy Hypnotist. Click below for the details of our live training and scroll down further for our other opportunities.
This brand new class online contains all of the DVDs and much much more. Includes live training video-

Hypnotist stage academy training program live dates
"From Beginning to Master Stage Hypnotist"

Next Beginner to advanced class not yet scheduled

If you can secure a facility and attendance of at least 10 Participants we will also come to you with our class program and discount each seat**

Richard Barker the Incredible Hypnotist was at the Mobile Beat show in Las Vegas Between 6-9 February 2012. He gave a Free seminar as an introduction to Hypnosis see www.mobilebeat.com

The Right Place To Be For a Career in Stage Hypnosis

The increasing popularity of stage hypnosis combined with its mystical aura and appeal has caused a lot of people to choose the art of comedy stage hypnosis as a career option. For a complete novice it can be hard and often daunting to find the right guidance in the field. The hypnotist stage academy at HypnotistEntertainment.com considers it its vocation to educate and train comedy stage hypnotists from beginner to advanced and help them reach a master stage hypnotist level. Whether you are new to hypnosis or a seasoned professional the course is beneficial to you. Many course you find on the internet are stale and have very old content. The Academy course is written and updated yearly to reflect society and audience demand.


Holistic Training That Spells Success

Our unique course work concentrates on the all round development of its participants with a focus on certain key skills. Our course has been structured by some of the finest stage hypnotists in the world and as a result fills the large lacuna that was created in the field due to an acute lack of consolidated hypnotism training techniques.

For any beginner, it is imperative to follow an organized and supervised approach towards perfection. A lot of beginners who don't get the proper guidance often quit because of a lack of the ability to identify mistakes. Now, with HypnotistEntertainment.com's systematic, step by step approach, you can learn the fundamentals of hypnotism and build on them and be well on course to develop the ability to hypnotize anyone.

The Business Behind The Art

Often in today's world we see that apart from having the right technical skills, one must also be aware of how the industry works. An important aspect of HypnotistEntertainment.com's hypnotist training academy course is the inclusion of business and development aspects of stage hypnosis in the curriculum. Now you can learn to a hypnotist and also learn to promote yourself and as result establish a fruitful and satisfying career in stage hypnosis.

The support that you receive from HypnotistEntertainment.com's experienced and professional group of hypnotists will extend even after you have finished the course and help you develop into a successful comedy stage hypnotist.

Please email if you want to be notified when they appear and are announced. If you cannot wait for the live training we strongly suggest you look at the home study pack

Home study course

Complete course on how to become a Hypnotist


Learn everything you want to know about hypnosis from beginner to advanced level. The 10 DVD box set including a bonus audio disc and live show footage has everything you need to know to get started. Become a Comedy stage hypnotist right now from the comfort of your own home with the Hypnotist Stage Academy Learn to be a Stage Hypnotist, everything you need to know and more including: How to Hypnotize anyone quickly and in a jaw dropping way No fluff or old material, this course is dynamic and packed full of relevant and up to the minute information. Learn how to run a stage show anywhere at anytime Instant and Rapid Inductions. Master the art of fast speed Hypnosis Learn all the basics and advanced methods Learn stage craft and music programming How to get jobs and create awareness Selecting and gaining volunteers The very first things you should do as a Hypnotist Become the best you can be Master your skill as a stage hypnotist to any size audience Fresh new and dynamic hypnosis, learn it all!! 10 DVDs cover all aspects including instant and Rapid hypnosis
DVD One- What is Hypnosis
CD Two-Bonus Audio Pre Talk
DVD Three- Power of Suggestion
DVD Four- Introduction and Induction
DVD Five- Speed Induction
DVD Six- Instant Induction
DVD Seven- Street Hypnosis "Live"
DVD Eight Stage Show Intro
DVD Nine- Show Programming
DVD Ten- Bonus live complete Show

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Hypnotist stage academy training program live dates
"From Beginning to Master Stage Hypnotist"

Check out the Interview below, it is awesome for new and old Hypnotists- whether you have experience or not. This interview features Richard Barker and Jay Noblezada

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HTG Power Hour Interview

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