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The hypnotist cruise was a major success in 2015 and 2016, here is what you missed 2015 CRUISE TESTIMONIALS. Thank you for every hypnotist who came on the cruise with us, so many memories and fun. NEW FOR 2017 is our Marketing Ninja Retreat
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 Now you have a limited chance to obtain the complete HEC 2015 and 2014 seminar content by going to the Cruise you wish to learn from. Here is the 2015 Seminar
Hypnotist Entertainment Cruise 2015 Online Class
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 Here is the outstanding Cruise Seminar Online Class for 2014
Hypnotist Entertainment Cruise 2014 Online Class
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Hypnotist Entertainment Cruise
2014 check out this hilarious Video of the shoot

"The Battle of the Worlds Fastest Hypnotist"
Click here for the "Shoot Out"

Dan Anders said- My sincere appreciation is extended to you for assembling an excellent cast of presenters. It was a refreshing change from conferences of which I am accustomed. I work at a university and present weekly lectures and attend academic conferences throughout the year. In the academia field, presentations are a bit repetitive and conservative; however, the presentations on the cruise were delivered in the format in which information should be presented, flowing and inviting. The material was pertinent to my needs and created some enthusiasm to take the next step in my desire to focus more on hypnosis. On the way home, Pamela and I registered a hypnosis site with all of the major domains and assembled a package to be presented to local universities and businesses. This would never have happened without the professional guidance and encouragement that was extended to me and the other participants. I also appreciated the welcoming gifts that we found in our cabin on the first day of the cruise. Anna (our daughter) made sure that the treats were consumed before losing their flavors - minor gestures do send a larger message to the recipients.

With appreciation,
Leonard (Dan) Anders

Check out the video testimonial 

Mike Valmar -WOW, the cruise was awesome!!!!! Thanks to Richard Barker that spent time to put the cruise together! I left my Camera in Cocoa, but as soon I have it in my hands again, I will post my 1000 + photos for you.............. It was great meeting everyone, and I look forward to next year....

Fantastic Ports on this wonderful fun ship with all inclusive food and lodgings and with excellent facilities and excursions, make a vacation out of your learning experiences now and bring your family.

Common questions are "Can I bring my partner or spouse?"
YES- they certainly will have lot's of things to do while you are in seminars. They will be invited to all the cocktail parties and social gatherings and we all sit together during dinner. You can still take cruise excursions together too. Most of the seminars are the days at sea so your partner can be relaxing by the pool with other spouses and guests

Want to travel alone single?? No problem you can go single occupancy on a cabin or we pair you up and share a cabin to save you money. Either way you will meet new friends very quickly in our social group and on this fun ship!

  • George James Says- The Hypnotist Entertainment Cruise 2013 was “blown out of the water”! The presenters, Richard Barker, Alex William Smith, & Jay Noblezada shared knowledge with us you will not get anywhere else.  It was like a slot machine paying off a million dollar jackpot, the $$ just kept pouring out. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there will be information shared you will be able to use immediately to improve your hypnosis career.Sometimes we get questions that CARNIVAL advertise the same cruise much cheaper. YES they do but this is for cabins with BUNK BEDS and inside cabins next to elevator shafts. Also the internet price does not quote you ship and Port Taxes or Baggage Tax- you can almost double any internet price you see. We are getting a fantastic group rate deal but the prices can go up at any time just like an airline ticket would. Our advice is to book early your cruise while we have these special rates secured.

    Lets Recap

1. Cruise and all port fees and taxes paid
2. Lectures and workshops x 4 valued at a combined fee of  $4200.00
3. Food and accommodation included
4. Networking opportunities with other seasoned Pro Hypnotists included
5. Books and DVDs Included
6. Shows and entertainment included
7. Unlimited street hypnosis instant and rapid inductions on 3000 passengers included
8. Vacation for 6 days in the sun priceless

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