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Name: Lenny-Moore
City: Miami
State: Fl
Area Covered: State
Will Travel: 700 miles
Bio: The Hip Hop Hypnotist Lenny Moore is one of the most sought after stage comedy hypnotist in the country. Having performed at various comedy clubs around the country, opening for many hip hop and R&B concerts and performing at various casinos has made Lenny's stage Hypnosis Comedy Show a hot ticket item. Lenny has performed for small audiences of 100 + at corporate events and conventions to audiences in arenas and coliseums of over 15,000. Having opened for such top named acts as Lil Wayne, Drake, Bird Man, Nicki Minage, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Young Jeezy, Tank, Busta Rhymes, R Kelly, Ludacris, comedians such as Mike Epps, Earthquake, Somore, and many others. Guaranteed to leave your audience in stitches. Comedy stage hypnosis with The Hip Hop Hypnotist is entertainment at it's finest. It imaginative, funny, and totally different out of the box comedy. You never know what to expect and each show is different because you never know how the volunteers on stage are going to react to Lenny's wild and crazy suggestions.

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