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City: Menifee
State: Ca
Area Covered: State
Will Travel: 10000 miles
Bio: Robert Hollywood knows how to move people emotionally as well as make them laugh. He has a great deal of musical knowledge which gives him the ability to motivate the crowd and move them to a certain mindset. His production skills of incorporating humor, music, movement and dance separate him from other entertainers and mc’s. He has the ability to speak and sing in multiple languages and always manages to engage the crowd in an entertaining and crowd pleasing format . He is intuitive to the needs of his clients and runs the show based on their expectations not his own. He has a great deal of charm and a powerful charisma as well as a professional and business etiquette. He is gracious and gives all his attention to the needs of others and the event. He can converse with any age group as well as any crowd or business entity. He has toured the UNited States and Europe for years and enjoys people of all cultures. Robert is incredibly empathetic and charismatic. He is blessed by God in innumerable ways and his gifts and abilities come through every pore of his body. He has the ability to lazer point every ounce of his energy and focus on the task, the people and the outcome at hand. He also has the ability to touch every person in the room from the stage with his voice, with his words, with his music, with his spirit. People feel better being in his presence and sometimes don’t even know why. He truly loves people and they can tell. He looks for what is good and unique in each person he meet and is actively searching for a way to to engage them and make them feel better by their coming together. Whether it was for a moment and event or an epiphany. He loves what he does and he works at improving it every day. He looks for ways to serve at every event with the many, many gifts and talents he's been given and has had the opportunity to develop through incredible teachers and mentors. He also has the ability to make people feel better about themselves by participating with him in an entertaining and comfortable format. They find themselves wanting to step outside the box or participate at more of a energetic and commited level than they are used to.

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