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Name: Big-Marlin-Fisher
City: Clermont
State: FL
Area Covered: State
Will Travel: 1500 miles
Bio: I First hypnotized my pet chicken Randy at age 7, since my parents FAILED to give me that red Radio Flyer bike. This has lead to trouble, I mean a career in Hypnosis for both stage, and hypnotherapy at a major hospital in Sports Med. My show tend to be very active, fun, creative with both music and sound effects along with visual effects too. Clean and respectful, where I am just the navigator, and you are the star of the show. Shows run from 1 hour to 2.5 hours. My stage character Big Marlin or Marlin The Fisher, "There be Somthin' Fishy Goin On!" IF you think about Larry the Cable Guy with Hypnotic Powers, well that be me... country flavor, uptown performance.... never a dull moment, and always in motion.....Also my shows and events are powered by with regional and national advertising that I place and coordinate with to draw a bigger crowd and create Top of the Mind awareness for small and big venues. Take a look on and search for MarlinTheFisher or my web site Contact me for more information and booking info. Looking for to making your event a success!

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