The Introduction guide to Mentalism

It seems that quite a few Stage Hypnotist's are branching out into Mentalism and mind reading these days. Some Hypnotists choose to use mind reading mentalism tricks in to their show routines at the beginning of their hypnosis show. Entertainers toss out decks of cards or make predictions before the show. It is a very entertaining and impactive way to warm up the crowd in a very visual way. Other entertainers use the hand spiral or hypno spiral as well as other gimmicks.

At Hypnotist Entertainment we will be offering you articles relating to illusions and mentalism right here in these pages, you may download reports and content to help along your show. Also on the 2013 Hypnotist Entertainment Cruise Jonathan Royale and one other guest entertainer (To be announced) will be teaching you mentalism and routines you can use within your hypnosis show right now

mentalism introduction guide

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